• Whole Grade or Single Subject Acceleration Process and Referral Forms

    In Oswego CUSD308, we are committed to the development of the whole child and believe that gifted students who come from all socioeconomic, cultural, ethnic backgrounds as well as amongst special education students and English language learners must be engaged in challenges and opportunities both within the classroom and outside the traditional setting that cultivate growth in their area(s) of identified giftedness, whether in the intellectual and/or artistic areas.  Our district offers a range of services to help meet the needs of gifted students, but we also recognize that some students may have academic needs that extend beyond what can be provided through gifted education services. In these cases, acceleration can be considered. 

    Please review the Gifted Education Services K-5 Acceleration Process to evaluate whether you feel a referral is warranted.  If, after reviewing the process, you feel an acceleration referral is warranted please complete the K-5 Acceleration Referral.

    Note:  Paperwork is due by March 15th of the preceding academic school year.  If approved, the formal acceleration will be put into effect at beginning of the following academic year.  



Last Modified on March 2, 2021