Freshmen Health

Freshmen Health Syllabus

  • Welcome to Health Education!

    Mr. Heath – Room K204

    Office: Boys Silver Athletic Locker Room

    Voicemail: 630-636-2362 Email:


    Goal of the class:

    • Gain knowledge about all aspects of health.
    • Recognize how all of the health topics we talk about are related to real everyday life.
    • Inspire young adults to become health conscious and to develop more knowledge of health topics.
    • Lead a healthy lifestyle not only now but into their future.
    • Have fun and enjoy yourself!



    Wellness, Stress Management, Chronic Illnesses/Diseases, Drug Use/Effects, Peer Pressure, Media Influences, Nutrition, Mental/Emotional Health, Coping w/loss, Suicide, STI Prevention, Disease Prevention, Anatomy, Body Systems, Sexuality, Decision-Making Skills


    Bring to class everyday:

    - Textbook (will be provided in class)

    - A spiral notebook for note-taking and journal reflections

    - Pen/Pencil – You must be prepared for class!

    - Folder to keep worksheets in


    Your grade will consist of:

    - Classwork (30%) - Journal Entries – Book work - Participation points – Class activities

    - Projects (30%) - Group Projects - Individual Projects

    - Tests/Quizzes (30%) – Formal and informal assessments

    - Final Exam (10%) – Cumulative End of Semester


    Grading Scale:

    A 90-100

    B 80-89

    C 70-79

    D 60-69

    F 59 and below


    Late work Policy:

    Any work turned in one day late, from the due date, will receive half credit.