Bednarcik Yearbook Club Information

  • Do you like to design things?  Do you enjoy writing?  Are you a “shutterbug?” Are you available Monday afternoons and/or Wednesday mornings?  If you answered “yes,” then you should apply to be on the yearbook staff!

    The yearbook staff will meet on Wednesdays before school, from 7:15-8:00 am and on Mondays after school from 3:15-4:30 pm.  Meetings are in Ms. Truemper's classroom, 2111F.

    Approaching deadlines may require additional meetings.   Students are also expected to work outside of meeting times taking pictures and creating pages as assigned.  We need students with strong writing skills and photography experience is a plus!  We also look for students who are extremely dependable and able to work independently.

    Yearbook Advisor:  Ms. Truemper

Yearbook Staff Positions

Read through the descriptions to see what jobs interest you.

Yearbook Positions:

  • Photo Editor

    Ensures no photo runs twice

    Checks to see the same people are not photographed too often

    Checks to make sure photos include all grade levels

    Helps organize photo shoots for clubs and special events


  • Sports Editor

    Encourages and maintains a positive relationship with coaches.

    Records scores for all games.

    Collects team statistics.

    Identifies team members in photos used in the book.

  • Checker

    Makes sure that all clubs and subjects are equally represented.

    Checks to make sure names used in captions are spelled correctly and match the proper picture.

    Identifies repeated pictures, themes or ideas.             

    Works closely with copy editor

  • Academic Editor

    Makes sure that all content areas are included with equal representation in the book.

    Identifies students in photos used in the book.     

    Finds appropriate quotes or images to add onto the pages.                                         

  • Copy Editor

    The proofreader of all copy pages, checking for style and accuracy.

    Compares copy on all pages to prevent repetitiveness

    Checks to make sure all students are in the yearbook

    Checks to make sure all names are spelled correctly

  • Club Editor

    Encourages and maintains a positive relationship with club sponsor.

    Collects information about each club and any accomplishments made.

    Identifies club members in photos used in the book.


  • Photographers

    Shoot and upload photos for the book.

    Be able to recognize what makes a good picture and practice good photo composition.

    Record names of people in the photos, the date and the place the photo was taken and should include additional information not obvious in the photo.

    Files all pictures in the appropriate folders with photographer's name included.

  • Staff Writers

    Responsible for interviewing, reporting, writing, rewritings to fit layout design specifications

    Ordering photos to accompany articles.

    Writing captions for photos.

Yearbook Club Meeting Schedule