• Policies & Procedures


    Book Check-out Hours

    9 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.
    Students come to the LRC for scheduled library instruction and book check-out one day per week.  Students are encouraged to utilize the LRC whenever the learning opportunity presents itself.  Students are welcome to visit the LRC more frequently with a pass/permission of their classroom teacher.


    Circulation Procedures

    Kindergarten 1 book

    1st -5th Grade 2 books 

    Students may check out a 3rd book when working on projects required by their classroom teachers.

     Books may be renewed for an additional 2 week check out period, but they must be brought to the LRC to be scanned as a renewal.


    Lost or Damaged Materials

    Students will be expected to pay the replacement fee for a damaged or lost book. Check out privileges will be suspended until the replacement fee of a damaged or lost book has been received. The fee will be requested after a search by the student and the LRC staff has been conducted. The replacement fee is based on the original purchase price of the library book.