What are students working on in the PAES Lab?

  • PAES Lab OHS (Performance Assessment Exploration System)
    We are excited to have the opportunity to have students working in the PAES lab which opened in January 2018.
    It is a simulated work environment where students have the opportunity to attend the lab as a worker reporting to work during their vocational class period approximately one – two times per week. The lab mimics a real work environment to give students the soft and hard skills related to working at a job. Students enjoy exposure to the five  different job categories and approximately 260 jobs. 
    • Business/Marketing (alphabetizing, sorting, collating, making change, cash register, typing)
    • Consumer/Service (food management, prep, services, kitchen appliances, cloth measurement, sewing housekeeping)
    • Construction/Industrial (shop measurement, wrenches, bolts, nails, screws, wood, metal, electrical projects)
    • Processing/Production (bolt, pipe and color assembly, form, thread, peg design, papercutting, time)
    • Computer/Technology (data entry, word processing, mailing, information management, digital photos)
Last Modified on January 28, 2019