Work based program students


    Aramark has been a wonderful support to the SD308 Oswego High School Work Based Learning Program. The staff has partnered with us to make our students feel welcome and an important part of their school and community! They have supported over 15 of our students this school year by assisting them in developing work skills and giving them the opportunity to gain work experience. Jobs include: stocking, washing tables, sweeping, panning trays of food and counting out items for lunch sides.  The students enjoy working in the cafeteria and some have shared it is their favorite part of the day. We see smiles on their faces every day and confidence shining as they complete different job assignments. The staff has treated our students with total respect and continue to develop collaborative opportunities for them to be engaged. We are thankful for  Aramark staff at OHS, who continue to impact lives every day. Thank you!

  • Work sites within electives:

    Auto Department: Don Vath, one of our autos teachers who is purposeful in helping students explore their strengths has partnered with the program to support a student who comes twice a week to his class to learn more hands on skills.
    Horticulture: Ms. McCarthy our inspiring Horticulture teacher has supported our program by having two students work down in the greenhouse watering plants, flowers and sweeping and washing areas to keep the greenhouse clean.
  • LRC: The LRC staff supports our program and has partnered with us to have a student work in the LRC 2-3 times per week to maintain the LRC  organizing tables, chairs, computers labs, checking in or out materials as needed and cleaning and dusting tables and shelves. We have also had a student work as a mail sorter gathering mail and sorting it into over 100 plus staff mailboxes.
Last Modified on March 4, 2019