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504 Services

  • Students with disabilities who do not qualify for an Individualized Education Program (“IEP”) may qualify for services under Section 504 of the Federal Rehabilitation Act of 1973, if the student: (1) has a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities, (2) has a record of a physical or mental impairment, or (3) is regarded as having a physical or mental impairment. 

CUSD 308 Procedures for 504

  • Referrals for consideration of Section 504 eligibility may be made at any time of the school year. A referral may be made by any individual that has knowledge of the student’s needs and/or educational programming.  This includes teachers, other staff members, parents, etc.

    There are different 504 coordinators between elementary and secondary buildings.  

    Elementary Schools - Assistant Principals

    Junior High School - Assistant Principals

    High School  

    Oswego High School

    504 Coordinator: Jenny Jasper

    504 Counselor: Abby Jambor

    Oswego East High School

    504 Coordinator: Jennifer Twohey

    504 Counselor: Teresa Gebhardt

    504 Counselor: Nicole Perry

    School personnel will convene (consisting of teachers, staff, parents, etc) and will conduct an individual evaluation of a student initially referred for a Section 504 evaluation. The team will review all submitted documentation (i.e. current teacher reports, past records, test scores, etc). Additional evaluation measures will be conducted by the School District if deemed necessary. Parental consent will be obtained prior to the initial evaluation completed by the District. An eligibility determination meeting will follow. If the student is eligible, a Section 504 plan will be developed and implemented.

FAQ Regarding 504s

Last Modified on October 4, 2022