• The Title I School-Community Resource Coordinator will develop and promote collaborations between SD 308 Title I schools, community organizations, public agencies businesses and other groups with the goal of providing a range of mental health services and supports that promote students' academic, social and emotional growth.

    The Title I Restorative Justice Coordinator is responsible for collaborating with building administration, staff and Title I administration to develop the program.   The goal of the Restorative Justice pilot is to reduce student behaviors that do not meet school standards (or expectations) through restorative practices instead of traditional punishment/punitive discipline.  The program places heavy emphasis on three areas:

    1. Restoration - acknowledge and repair the harm caused by and revealed by wrongdoing
    2. Accountability - encourage appropriate responsibility for addressing needs and repairing the harm
    3. Engagement - involving those impacted in the resolution

    From the moment a student enters Restorative Justice, he/she is the primary focus.  The program facilitates deep and meaningful conversations that revolve around students learning new skills to incorporate into their everyday lives.  Essentially, we ask each student to "work on themselves" for the betterment of our school community.

    Restorative Justice is not a 'ME" thing, it's a "WE" thing.