• Early Childhood

    District 308 is committed to delivering an early childhood program that provides quality educational experiences for young children. Our programs are based on the Illinois Early Learning and Development Standards (click here for website) which promote the child's emotional, physical, social and developmental readiness needs.

    Children are eligible for the Early Childhood program through three different paths: Preschool for All, Special Education, and Tuition Preschool. All programs take place at Brokaw Early Learning Center, Prairie Point Elementary School, Wolf's Crossing Elementary School, or Long Beach Elementary School.

    Students experience creative curriculum, a scientifically researched based pre-kindergarten curriculum. The philosophy of this curriculum is learning through play. Teachers utilize direct instruction and at least one hour of student directed play at learning centers. Teachers assess student's progress and note student's interests in order to tailor learning activities so that they meet the needs of all students.

    Programs are offered in half day sessions, Monday through Friday. Students attend the first session from 8:00am-10:30am, or the second session from 11:45am-2:15pm. Preschool students follow the district calendar, except students do not attend on any shortened attendance days.

Last Modified on September 13, 2021