• Assessment, Identification, and Placement

    Oswego CUSD308 ensures that all students are given an opportunity to be screened for placement into gifted education services.  Oswego CUSD308 identifies and places students into services using a blind screening process, inclusive of formal assessments and a teacher rating scale (HOPE Scale).  

    Kindergarten - First Grade: 

    Kindergarten assessment

      *If you are interested in early entry to Kindergarten or 1st grade, please visit the Oswego CUSD308 website to complete the appropriate paperwork (due May 1st).

     Second - Fifth Grade:

    STAR Achievement Testing

    CogAT Abilities Testing

    Move-In Students:  Move-in students that scored at or above the 80th percentile on the Fall CogAT following the date of the move-in will be administered the CogAT assessment in October.  Following the administration of the CogAT, those move-in students will be screened for Gifted Education Services for the current school year.

    Identification for gifted services at the elementary level takes into consideration a balance of both achievement and ability scores.  You may appeal the panel's decision by completing the Elementary Appeals paperwork by June 30thof the preceding school year in which gifted education services begin.

      Junior High: Iowa Algebra Aptitude Assessment

    Updated October 2019