Character Counts SuCCess Program

    character counts success brochures



     Beginning in sixth grade, SD308 students may begin working on earning the Character Counts! SuCCess Award.  This award is earned by completing the Six Pillar Awards, one for each Pillar of Character. 


    For each Pillar Award, students are required to complete the following:

    READ - a book from the approved list which pertains specifically to the Pillar the student is working on.

    WATCH - a movie from the approved list which pertains spefically to the Pillar the student is working on.

    SERVE - 25 hours of community service related to the Pillar.  These can be from approved businesses, agencies or sites.  Students are required to have Service Hour forms completed and signed by the site manager.  These forms can be obtained at your school.  

    WRITE - a cumulative paper encompassing the student's experiences  and then email the completed document to ccoswegomontgomery@gmail.com. 


    Once you have completed the work for a Pillar,  you can submit it to ccoswegomontgomery@gmail.com.   Your work will be reviewed in a timely manner and you will be notified if the criteria has been met or if further information is required.  Upon completion of each Pillar, students will be awarded a certificate of completion at a Character Counts! meeting.  When students earn all 6 Pillar Awards, they will receive the Character Counts! SuCCess Award at an Oswego Village Board meeting and will also receive special recognition and a cord to wear at their high school graduation. 


    Completing the Character Counts! SuCCess Award includes benefits like: 

    • Community Involvement
    • Opportunities to Help Others
    • Develop Job Skills
    • Learn Leadership Skills
    • Improve Communication Skills
    • Develop Community Contacts

    Students are able to use their community serivce hours to also achieve the Community Service Award at either High School.



    How do you get started?

    Fill out the Registration Google Form on the website and then print a tracking sheet. Upon approval, choose a pillar to work on. Most of the materials can be found in your school's LRC or at the public library.  Discuss your movie and book selections with a parent or guardian and write a paper that discusses your experiences in regards to that pillar.  Then, please submit your essay and service hours to ccoswegomontgomery@gmail.com for review and approval. Should your work be approved, you will receive a certificate and can move on to the next 'pillar'. Questions?  Contact us at ccoswegomontgomery@gmail.com. 



    Click here for PDf Version Of SuCCess Tracking Sheet