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  • 2021 AFR

    PDF Document. The Annual Financial Report (AFR), FORM ISBE SD50-35/JA50-60, for the District as of and for the year ended June 30, 2020, has been prepared in the form prescribed by the Illinois State Board of Education.

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  • 2021 CAFR

    PDF DOcument. The Certified Annual Financial Report (CAFR) includes all funds and account groups of the District and is presented in three sections: Introductory, Financial, and Statistical. The introductory section includes a transmittal letter, the District's organizational chart, and a list of principal officers and elected officials. The financial section includes the independent auditor's report in financial statements and schedules, Management's Discussion and Analysis, basic financial statements and required and other supplemental information such as the combining and individual fund financial statements and schedules. The statistical section includes selected financial and demographic information, generally presented on a multi-year basis.

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