Phone: 630.636.2200 ext. 2350


Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor of Arts in Health Education Bachelor of Science in Physical Education

Miss Kelly McNeely

This is my second year teaching at Oswego East High School and I coudn't be more thrilled to be back. I graduated in Decemeber 2017 from Central Michigan University with a double major in Physical Education and Health Education.

I am blessed to teach what I am passionate about each and every day, which is being active and human movement! Creating fitness lessons, goals of all types, and engraining enthusiasm into each lesson and class I teach is something I strive to do. My hope is that my students take with them a goal, desire, or passion to live and create a lifestyle of personal health and wellness for themselves when they leave my class. 

I currently assist in coaching girl's cross country and track and field at Oswego East High School. Being blessed to coach my two favorite sports is something I do with pride and with joy. 

Whether I am teaching or whether I am coaching my overall goal is to help foster an attitude in students and athletes that promotes optimism, passion, resiliency, positivity, reflection, and growth. I hope they set goals and look to achieve them with hard work, dedication, discipline, and joy.

"Whatever you do, do it with a contagious joy that makes other smile and feel motivated too." -- Anonymous