This is where I will put some fun activities that you can try at home!

  • How to Make Bagpipes out of a Garbage Bag and Recorder

    Remember that fun website we used during centers last year, it's currently FREE using code HOME20! Go check it out at

    Music Theatre International is offering a special, exclusive opportunity to learn actual Broadway show choreography!  Pick which show you would like to learn how to dance to and sign up for FREE ACCESS!  This is a great way to get up to get the blood moving and a wonderful chance to learn a dancing skill!  Check it out here!!  

    Try this Disney Try Not to Sing Challenge or break the rules entirely and have a Sing Along Party!

  • K-1:  
    Daniel Tiger Music Shop Explore instruments with Daniel Tiger!
    Sesame Street Monster Music Make music with Sesame Street friends!
    Pink-A-Perfect Band Create an instrument and play with Pinkalicious and her friends!



    Music Lab Here students can play around with unique composing methods free from google! 



    Incredibox. With this site, students can create their own beatboxing compositions with various clothing for the character. They can also try to figure out the combos that unlock secret music videos. 

    Music Lab Here students can play around with unique composing methods free from google! 


    Check out this amazing INTERACTIVE Music Resource found by my friends, Jane and Julia H.! Thank you so much for sharing, girls! 

  • What is a fun music activity you enjoy?

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    Please share with me a fun music activity that you enjoy!  It can be something you do with friends, family or all on your own!  For example, here is one that I enjoy;

    I sing a song every morning to wake up my family.  It's the same song my mom sand to me when I was little, and my grandmother sang it to her when she was little!  Ask me sometime and I will sing it for you too!

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