6th Grade PE Syllabus - Mrs. Skaggs

  • *Information in this syllabus is subject to change based on the needs of the class and/or updated guidance from SD308 or Bednarcik Junior High. Please return to this web page for the most current version.




    Daily Schedule:

    • Student Support 8:10-8:29
    • 1st Period 8:29-9:10 [6th PE]
    • 2nd Period 9:14-9:55 [6th PE]
    • 3rd Period 9:59-10:40 [Study Hall]
    • 4th Period 10:44-11:25 [Plan]
    • 5th Period 11:29-12:10 [6th PE]
    • 6th Period 12:14-12:55 [Lunch]
    • 7th Period 12:59-1:40 [6th PE]
    • 8th Period 1:44-2:25 [6th PE]
    • 9th Period 2:29-3:10 [6th PE]


    Google Classroom:

    • Students will be provided with a link to join their assigned PE Google Classroom. Google Classroom will support the primary in-class instruction for this course and will be used for review, quiz/test of unit material, and required make-up work for missed assignments. 


    Required Materials:

    • PE Uniform: An Oswego Phys Ed uniform (shirt and shorts) must be purchased at the start of the school year and will be worn daily [cost: $20]
    • PE Lock: A school-issued combination lock (personal locks are not allowed) must be used [cost: $10]
    • Shoes/Socks/Sweats: Students can wear any athletic shoes that fully cover the feet, along with socks. Sweatshirts and sweatpants are optional and can be worn over or under the required PE uniforrm.
    • Deodorant: All students should keep deodorant in their PE locker and use daily. There are currently no restrictions on the type allowed (aerosol vs stick) but this can change during the school year.
    • Textbooks and Other Handouts:  There are no required "hard copy" materials for this course. All required content is posted in Google Classroom.
    • Online Resources: Links and resources will be provided to students to complete all assignments, without requiring any additional materials other than a Chromebook or device capable of using Google Classroom. In addition, internet access will be required. 


    Classroom Expectations:

    • Be in class on time and ready to participate fully every day
    • Be dressed in the required PE uniform
    • Use the PE lock and locker room appropriately (see Locker Room expectations)
    • Check email and Google Classroom daily
    • Complete and submit assignments by the assigned due date
    • Produce and submit high quality original work
    • Be respectful to yourself, teachers, and peers
    • Check grades in Tyler SIS to monitor progress
    • All Student Rights and Responsibilities Handbook guidelines remain in effect



    Grading Expectations:

    • Students are graded on all assignments (daily paticipation and written work/tests/quizzes). Grades are calculated on total points earned out of total points possible.
    • Google Classroom assigned work should be submitted on time. Late work will be accepted in cases of excused absences. Consideration will be given for late work with written email communication documenting the reason unable to complete work on time. Unexcused late assignments may result in 50% credit on work completed.