• Teacher Contact Information

    Email:  LHeemstra@sd308.org

    Phone:  630-636-2521

    Office Hours:  Google Meet and/or Phone Conferencing by Appointment


    How to Access My Google Classroom will be posting materials through my Google Classroom including interactive guided lessons and activities that we will use as resources for this course.  Students will be emailed a link to join their assigned class in Google Classroom.


    How to Access Primary Resources

    All content that need to used for this course will be provided using Google Classroom.  

    Online Resources - Links and resources will be provided to students to complete all assignments, without requiring any additional materials other than a Chromebook or device capable of using Google Classroom and at times, headphones.


    Attendance Expectations

    Attendance will be taken daily for each class.  Our Go Live! Sessions will be held through Google Meet (link provided in Google Classroom).  Your student will be considered present if she/he participates in a Go Live! session, completes the question of the day, or turns in any assignments by the due date/time.  Student attendance will be recorded in Tyler Student Information System.  If student is not in attendance, parent(s)/guardian(s) will receive a phone call from our attendance secretary at the end of the school day.

    If student will be absent, please call the school's attendnace line at 630-636-2501. 


    Student Expectations:

    • Daily attendance will be taken:  On a Go Live! Day the expectation is that the student is present and the attendance will be taken in class by the teacher.  On a Google Classroom Day the expectation is that the student will submit an Attendance survey for each class to verify attendance by 2:30 pm.
    • All students will check email daily (5th - 12th grade) for communication from teachers and staff.
    • All students will check Google Classroom daily for learning activities assigned by teachers.
    • All students will be expected to participate in learning activities provided by teachers.
    • Know each teachers' student support times to know when extra help is available.
    • Email teachers with any questions; please allow a response window until the end of the next school day (age appropriate)
    • Complete and submit assignments by the assigned due date
    • Produce and submit high quality original work to teahcers
    • Be respectful to yourself, teachers, and peers
    • Check grades in Google Classroom and Tyler Student Information System to monitor progress
    • Complete all assessments and assignments
    • Understand all Student Rights and Responsibilities handbook guidelines remain in effect

    Student "GO LIVE" Expectations:

    • Log in on time to Go Live! Sessions (Google Hanouts Meet)
    • Mute audio when not speaking
    • Keep the camera on at all times during Go Live! sessions unless directed by the teacher
    • Know teachers' expectations for the Go Live! sessions
    • Ask questions for clarification
    • Talk one at a time and be an effective listener
    • Only post approriate comments in the chat
    • Use respectful language and appropriate behavior at all times
    • Participate in only assigned sessions

    Information about Small Group Instruction and Student Support Time

    In addition to our regularly scheduled class times, I will be available during the Student Support Time on "Go Live!" school days from 2:10-3:00 pm.  A Google Meet code for my Student Support Session is available under "Helpful Resources" on the Classwork page in Google Classroom.

    If a student requires extra assistance in completing required/expected tasks, and is not keeping up with the Google Classroom activities, I may request a 1-on-1 Student Support Session and send a direct link to attend a Google Meet during the Student Support Time.

    Grading Expectations

    Students will be graded on all assignments.  Grades will be calculated on total points earned out of total points possible.

    The following are the types of graded assignments which will be assigned remotely through Google Classroom:

    • In class activities during Go Live! Google Meets and any reflection questions for wrap-up
    • Out of class muscial playing activities with an end of weekreflection/log of activities
    • Periodic playing or written quizzes and tests over material covered during Go Live! sessions as well as Wednesday Google Classroom Learning Activities.