•  Schoolhouse
    Classroom Expectations:

    •Show up on time.

          This means be in your seat when the bell rings.

    •Come prepared.

          This means bring supplies with you when you come to class and come in with an positive attitude!

    •Be respectful.
          This means show respect to yourself, others, the building & classroom materials. Follow the policies and rules of the school.





    Homework Policy:
    •Since we Chromebooks at school & home, I am expecting no late work. In the event that work is late, every day an assignment is late, it will be lowered by one grade level. After 5 days late, the highest grade you can earn is a 50%. If there is a reason why your work is late, you need to talk to me about it so appropriate steps can be taken.  Please keep in mind that I will not be assigning much homework, so if I ask you to do something it is important for you! 

    •When homework is assigned, it is expected to be neat, complete and turned in on time.

    •Parents, if your student cannot complete an assignment because of family obligations, please send me a detailed note and I will try to accommodate your child.

    Grading Procedures:
    •Points are awarded for complete work.
    •Assessments include daily work, participation, projects, quizzes, tests, etc.
    •Grades are available online. IF there is a ZERO, the assignment has not been turned in.  IF there is a BLANK SPOT, I have not entered the scores!


    Extra Credit:
    As long as you keep up with the daily work assigned, you will not need extra credit. However, occasionally I will offer the opportunity to do extra credit. It is offered to all students equally, and must be returned on time to count.  


    Attendance will be taken daily for each class. Student attendance will be recorded in Tyler Student Information System.  If student is not in attendance, parent(s)/guardian(s) will receive a phone call from our attendance secretary. 

    If student will be absent, parents need to call the school’s attendance line at 630.636.2501.

    If you are absent, you can be assured that we will miss you! When you return, it is your responsibility to find out what you missed. I put handouts from each day in the white shelves, next to our class library. If there were class notes that you missed, you need to get them from myself, or a classmate. If you miss a test, or quiz, you will have 5 days from your return to schedule a time with me to make it up. I am available during my plan period or during my lunch. If these times do not work, we can schedule a time before or after school!


    Contacting Ms. Kepka:
    •Students or parents can contact me via phone or internet. My phone number at school is (630) 636-2544 and my email address is ekepka@sd308.org. Please know that my scheduled break is early in the school day and that I will respond at my earliest convenience. Thanks! I`m looking forward to a great school year!

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