• Dear Students and Parent/ Guardian,

    On October 14th, 2020, Oswego and Oswego East High Schools are administering the Scholastic Aptitude Test with Essay (SAT) for all Senior students. The October administration of the SAT is replacing the April 2020 SAT that was cancelled due to COVID-19. All Senior students are required to take the School Day SAT with Essay even if they have previously taken the SAT at another time/location. This administration of the ISBE-provided SAT with Essay will enable Seniors to meet the graduation requirement, and to have the opportunity to receive a timely college- and scholarship- reportable score.

    Please note the following safety precautions that will be required of students:

    1. All students will be required to wear a face mask when onsite for testing.

    2. Prior to arriving onsite parents/guardians will be required to complete a self-certification form (see attached) for their child. Students are unable to complete the self-certify form for themselves. This form can be located on the postcard that will be mailed to your residence. All students must bring this completed form/postcard to the building on October 14th. This postcard is your ticket into Oswego or Oswego East High School on October 14th!

    3. If a student does not bring a completed self-certification form on the day of testing, staff will assess the student via a health certification. If your child meets the health certification requirements, staff will then take the child’s temperature prior to entering the building. No student will be permitted to enter the testing location without a parent or guardian signed self-certification form or by successfully meeting the health certification requirements and not recording a temperature of 100.4 or above.

    If a student develops any of the COVID -19 Symptoms while at school during testing:

    • The student will be relocated to an isolation area. The guardians will be immediately notified and the student will be sent home.
    • Parents can choose to allow their student to transport themselves if able via verbal consent to staff or a parent/guardian must come to pick up the student immediately.

    Oswego and Oswego East High Schools have designated specific entrance locations for students near their assigned testing area/room in the building. Students will be required to report to their identified entrance upon arrival at the building. Each entrance will be set up to facilitate social distancing between students at that location. Staff will collect self-certification or complete health certification and temperature checks prior to admitting students into the building. Students will report immediately to their assigned testing location and testing room in the building. Testing rooms will be set up to ensure compliance with socially distanced testing areas for each student. Each room will consist of no more than 15 students per room and two staff members. Students and staff will be required to wear their face mask at all times upon arrival to and while in the building.

    Testing rooms will be properly sanitized by building maintenance staff prior to student arrival. Rooms will be equipped with hand sanitizer and other cleaning supplies as needed. Once again, all students and staff will wear masks at all times during the SAT. Students will have the opportunity to use restrooms during planned breaks. Restrooms will be designated in close proximity near testing locations to limit the amount of student usage at one time. Also, restrooms will be monitored in order to ensure proper social distancing.

    Snacks and grab and go lunches will be provided by Aramark. Snacks and lunches will be pre-packaged in order to maintain student and staff safety. Snacks will be distributed during planned breaks while grab and go lunches will be available upon dismissal.

    Students will be dismissed at 1:30 PM. Students will exit the building in an orderly fashion to ensure minimal student grouping.

    Students and parents are asked to continue to monitor their email and mail for subsequent communication regarding testing day assignments.


    Mrs. Parker and Mr. Arntzen

    Assistant Principals for Student Services

    Oswego and Oswego East High Schools