• The District 308 Kinetic Wellness departments strive to provide students with a comprehensive, challenging curriculum in physical education, health education and driver education which will contribute to the development and maintenance of student’s physical, cognitive and affective health and wellbeing. Through these efforts, it is our mission for students to apply the knowledge and skills they acquire to achieve lifelong fitness and wellness for themselves, their families and their communities.


    9010- 2 - PE 10 Team - 0.5 credit (1 semester) GRADUATION REQUIREMENT Grade Level: 10 only Fee: None Prerequisite: Freshman Foundations This is a required 18 week course that focuses on the introduction of basic first aid and Heart SacerCPR. Certification will be given to students. Students also participate in a four week dance unit which includes partner dances, line dances, and the opportunity to create their own dance patterns. The remainder of the course will introduce students to a variety of skills and knowledge in the area of team sports that create and promote a healthy life style. Examples of these activities include, but are not limited to, volleyball, basketball, softball, hockey, and flag football.


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