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    History Highlights


    The 7th grade curriculum is divided into 10 units. Unit 1 is a brief review of primary and secondary sources that were taught in 6th grade. The remaining units all focus on the history of the United States.

    Unit 1: Introduction to Sources & Inquiry

    Unit 2: Columbian Exchange

    Unit 3: English Colonies in America

    Unit 4: Causes of the American Revolution

    Unit 5: The American Revolution

    Unit 6: Governing a New Nation

    Unit 7: United States Expansion

    Unit 8: Causes of the Civil War

    Unit 9: The Civil War

    Unit 10: Reconstruction

    While we do not have a text book, Everything You Need to Ace American History in One Big Fat Notebook is a resource we will be using in class.  Click to see the district flyer, if you are interested in purchasing a copy to have at home.

    Click to see a quick video from the department.  


    History Supplies

    For Ms. Kepka`s Curious Students!

    You will need the following things during your year with me.  All supplies were on the school list that was passed out during registration.   


    Needed every day:  Needed on occasion:


    Loose leaf paper in a binder 

    Red and black pens  

    #2 lead pencils

    Colored pencils

    White out pen


    Index cards

    Glue stick


    Donations of Kleenex, hand sanitizer or extra school supplies are always welcome!!