• Below you will find various units that we do during kindergarten music class.  In district 308, Kindergarteners are not assessed for specials and their learning is more about exposing them to different things that will set them up for greatness in the years to come.  A lot of what we do focuses on good listening and speaking, working in groups, taking turns, and basic other social skills.  We dabble in different musical ideas and listen to LOTS of music!

Our 4 Voices

  • Did you know that we have four voices?  Our four voices are:

    • Singing
    • Speaking/Talking
    • Shouting/Screaming
    • Whispering

    We focus a lot on two of those voices in music class, our speaking and our singing voices.  With our speaking voices, we chant different songs like "Johnny and His Hammer", "Engine Engine No. 9", and "Two Little Sausages".  With our singing voices, we sing songs like "Baby Shark", "Shake My Sillies Out", and "Rain, Rain".   Some of our songs even use our singing AND speaking voice in the same song!  Lots of singing and dancing around is all what we are doing in this unit about our voices.

    How can parents help?

    Talk about your voices!  If you hear your wolf shouting, tell them to use a speaking voice instead or a whisper voice.  Sing a direction to them and ask them what kind of voice you are using.  Have fun listening to music and point out the voice of the singer!  Also, check out this fun video about our four voices!