1st Trimester: Instruments

  • In fifth grade, we look a great deal at instruments.  Near the middle-end of this year, students will be given the opportunity to select to participate in choir or band at the junior high, so this is a great review for what they may get to participate in, but also is a great overall exposure unit.  We talk about the four instrument families (Woodwinds, Brass, Strings, and Percussion) and the main qualities of each of those families.  We also take the time to explore each of the main individual instruments through looking at pictures and watching videos of different performances.  Check out the handout below for the main qualities and instruments in each family.

    How can parents help with this unit?

    A great way to help is to review some of the things in the handout below because when they know the qualities or the instruments, or both, it helps them be able to group instruments and talk about them a little better.  Listening to all different kinds of music and watching live musicians play is another way you can help with this unit.  Check out your favorite band on youTube and see what kind of instruments they use on stage.  It doesn't have to be fancy stuff... you can have them check out Imagine Dragons!  The main idea is to talk about what they see and hear!

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