• Curriculum

      The Bednarcik Junior High PE curriculum consists primarily of sport activities and personal fitness objectives.

      Within sport activities, there is an emphasis on teamwork, socialization, personal fitness, and skill development. Students are graded based on an effort to work together and attempt skills which are presented. Students are not graded on their skill level, but rather on the mastery of basic sport concepts. Students may be asked to complete written work or take tests over material covered in class for various sport units. A variety of team activities (i.e. soccer, flag football, softball, basketball, volleyball) and individual/dual activities (i.e. badminton, table tennis, pickleball) are taught throughout the year. All activities may not be taught every year of junior high, and activities of a similar nature may be substituted or added, at the teacher's discretion, in order to meet the PE learning objectives.

      Physical fitness is also a primary focus of the curriculum. Students are encouraged to improve their physical fitness through sport activities, daily physical fitness, or personal fitness days, and are expected to put forth their best effort daily. Students will be expected to apply fitness concepts in practice and also discuss fitness goals via written assignments or assessments. 



      A majority of grading is based on daily preparation and participation in PE. Students are expected to come prepared with PE uniform and appropriate shoes for participation. Students can lose daily points if they are not prepared for class with a PE uniform or shoes, if they fail to participate in the activities for the day, or if they fail to demonstrate knowledge of the objectives evaluated for the day within the activity setting. Grading may also include written assignments or tests. 


      Medical & Parent Notes

      When a student is unable to participate due to a parent excuse (3 day limit) or medical excuse, they must bring in a note indicating they are to sit out. Medical excuses must be delivered to the nurse. A medical (doctor) excuse must indicate how long the student is to sit out. If the note indicates “until further notice,” then an additional note is required before the student is allowed to return to PE. Depending on the illness/injury, students may be asked to go to an alternate location and/or complete make-up work for days out of PE. 


      Uniform & Dress

      All students must wear an "Oswego Phys Ed" grey t-shirt and blue shorts during PE class for participation. (Students can use PE uniforms that have been handed down or can purchase a new one.) Total uniform price is $20 for both T-shirt and shorts. T-shirt and shorts may also be purchased separately, at a cost of $10 per item. If a student does not dress in the required Oswego Phys Ed t-shirt and shorts but has appropriate shoes, they may be allowed to participate for partial credit. Allowing a student to participate without a uniform is at the discretion of the teacher, and is not allowed on multiple occasions. If it becomes an issue, parents will be contacted about the lack of a required uniform for PE.

      Students can only participate in PE if they are wearing an athletic type shoe (tennis shoe, cross trainer, Converse, etc). It is not required that students have a separate pair of shoes just for PE, but it is strongly suggested that students keep a pair of shoes in their lockers in the event that they are not wearing an athletic shoe for the day.

      Students are issued a “NO DRESS” if they are not prepared ard do not participate in PE, and will receive a zero for the day. 


      Locks & Locker Room Expectations

      Each student must purchase a lock at the beginning of the school year for $10. Students are to lock the lock on a locker in the PE locker room, and leave it on that locker even if their PE locker is empty. At no time should the lock be taken home or to their regular hall lockers, as they are often lost when this happens. It is very important that students demonstrate responsibility with lock and locker procedures, and lock belongings daily during and after physical education. Students must use a lock purchased at Bednarcik - locks from home are NOT allowed.

      Students are expected to keep deodorant in their PE lockers for use both before and after class every day. As mentioned above, an extra pair of shoes, along with an extra pair of socks, should be kept in their locker in case a student would need them. Students may also want to keep a small towel or washcloth if needed, as the school does not provide this for student use.