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Uniform Grievance Procedure

  • A student, parent/guardian, employee, or community member should notify any District Complaint Manager if he or she believes that the School Board, its employees, or agents have violated his or her rights guaranteed by the State or federal Constitution, State or federal statute, or Board policy, or have a complaint regarding anything listed in Board Policy 2:260.

    The Complaint Manager will first attempt to resolve complaints without resorting to this grievance procedure. If a formal complaint is filed under this policy, the Complaint Manager will address the complaint promptly and equitably. A student and/or parent/guardian filing a complaint under this policy may forego any informal suggestions and/or attempts to resolve it and may proceed directly to this grievance procedure. The Complaint Manager will not require a student or parent/guardian complaining of any form of harassment to attempt to resolve allegations directly with the accused (or the accused’s parents/guardians); this includes mediation.

Compliant Managers

Kenneth Miller

Executive Director of Human Resources


Claudia Ruiz

Assistant Director of Human Resources


Title IX Contacts

Jeremy Bell

Executive Director of Student Services Title IX Coordinator


Report Harassment by E-Mail

Reports of Sexual Harassment


Last Modified on September 28, 2022