• Social Workers

    Junior high and high school social workers are committed and dedicated to the positive social, emotional, and academic development of the junior high school student.

    Adjusting to Junior High
    The guidance counselor and school social worker meet with sixth grade students as a group and individually as needed to orient them to the expectations and opportunities of junior high. Our goal is to make sixth graders comfortable seeking help in case assistance should be needed.

    Leadership Groups
    School social workers run various groups that promote social justice, community service, respect and civic duty. These groups include Believe It or Not I Care (BIONIC), Rotary Interact, Diversity Club and others. The work of these clubs helps students build character and become responsible citizens.

    Mentoring Programs
    School social workers help facilitate programs in which older students mentor younger students. This helps build relationships between schools and eases the transition from level to level for individual students. Student mentors learn what it means to be positive role models and how their actions impact younger students.

    New Student Groups
    School social workers along with other support staff strive to meet the needs of new students. Every effort is made to encourage new students to interact with other students, familiarize themselves with the building, and meet essential building staff. New student lunches and breakfasts serve to meet these goals.

    Peer Mediation
    Peer mediation is a program that is available to all students to help them peacefully resolve conflicts. Mediations may be requested by students, parents or school staff. Peer mediation promotes and encourages a safe environment. The program sends a strong message that violence and aggression will not be tolerated. Mediators receive extensive training to learn the problem-solving process. They also participate in regular meetings to strengthen skills.

    Red Ribbon Week
    School social workers are part of the team that plans a building-wide celebration called Red Ribbon Week. This week is dedicated to promoting healthy choices and living a drug-free lifestyle. Students participate in various activities to commit to making healthy choices. In years past, activities have included daily spirit activities, poetry composition, banner signing and dances.

    Team Building
    The school social worker facilitates weekly classroom groups on an as-needed basis. Goals include promoting social skills and self esteem.

    All-School Assembly
    School social workers assist with the planning of all-school assemblies. Topics revolve around making healthy choices and resisting peer pressure.

    The school social worker provides individual and group counseling to students whose difficulties impact their academic success. Building healthy peer relationships, coping with stress, and problem solving are common group themes. Services can be requested by school staff, parents and students. The school social worker assesses the situation and provides services as needed. Communication and consultation with parents is a vital component in this process.


Last Modified on July 19, 2021