• Hey, 6th graders and Parents!!!!!  

    WELCOME to 6th grade music class!!!!!!!!                       

    I am so glad that we get the chance this semester to get to know each other!!!  This is my 21st  year at Thompson and I am thrilled to be back starting class with you.  My love for music is indescribable and I learn more about it every day.  I am hopeful that after taking my class you will leave with a better understanding and love for music. 

    This semester you will not only get the opportunity to learn about notes, rhythms, and composers, but you will learn more about how the music you listen to developed from the beginning of American history.  Being creative is very important in this class.  If you have never learned about music before, don’t worry!  We start at the beginning but we move fast, so get ready to learn!  We will concentrate on how music works in the modern world.

    In order to be successful in my class, you will have some very important responsibilities as a student.  You must follow the character counts pillars at all times!


    Be Trustworthy-turn in homework on time, don’t cheat - All assignments will be on Google Classroom

    Be Respectful – to me as the teacher & follow directions

    Be Responsible—come to class prepared, no lame excuses.

    Be Fair—give other students constructive criticism, not destructive

    Be Caring—help each other out when needed

    Be a good Citizen—don’t distract others from learning.


    If you follow the easy rules of the character counts pillars, there will be no problems!!!!  I pledge to follow the rules too!

    In School Supplies:   Chromebook

    I know this year will be a great one!  Don’t be nervous and let’s get started!!!  I look forward to getting to know you better! 


    Mrs. Kleinmaier

    Email:  jkleinmaier@ sd308.org

    *Don’t forget to check out the General Music grading policy.  Please feel free to ask questions or voice concerns.  Communication is the key to your child’s success.

    Welcome to Music !!!