• 6th Grade General Music                                              

    2022-2023 Grading Scale



           Classwork/Homework is an important part of general music and will be assigned on a regular basis.  The students will have time during class to work on most new assignments.  Anything not finished within the period will be completed at home.  All assignments will be done online.  Due dates will be clearly marked in Google Classroom.  Late assignments will be accepted until we take that unit’s test.    Assignments will not be accepted after the test.  Points will be clearly marked on Google Classroom.

      Note---If you are absent from a class period, please check with your teacher and google classroom.    You are responsible for any make up work.

     Tests and Quizzes      

           There are no tests in this class.  All grades are based on in class assignments as well as homework assignments.  

    Extra credit is not available.