• Choir/Music Classroom Management Policy
    My classroom rules revolve around the character counts pillars that Thompson JHS relies on. I think that character building is very important in a student’s educational development. My classroom rules have changed since my first year of teaching quite a bit. I have become a true believer in the character counts program. 

    Throughout the school year we will have several discussions with each class concerning what the separate character pillars consist. The students will share their beliefs about these character rules, and I will share my beliefs. Together we will brainstorm several scenarios in which students can follow the pillars. We will also come up with scenarios in which students think of inappropriate behaviors that would break the pillar rules. 

    When students break the character counts guidelines/rules we discuss in class, I issue one warning. The warning can come in many ways, a look, using their name in my small lectures, or a flat out reminder of appropriate behavior. 

     If the student continues the undesirable behavior (depending on the severity of the behavior…) I will ask the student to get a pencil and meet me at the desks. I then assign the student a paper discussing character counts. The students will share which pillar they could improve on in class. They will not be allowed back into the class setting that day. The paper is due the next day in class and their parents must sign it. 

    If the paper doesn’t change the behavior or thoughts of the student, I communicate with the parents of the students and assign the appropriate discipline measure.  If the student chooses to escalate or continue the behavior, Administration will be involved.