• School Bus Routes

    Posted below by school is information on the regular education routes. Please click on your child’s school from the list below. Routes are listed by subdivision or an area of the school’s boundary. Locate the bus stop nearest your residence. 

    If you wish to know the specific route your child has been assigned to, you may call the Transportation Center at 630-636-2999. Schools will also have lists available at registration, open houses, and preview nights. Any questions or concerns should be directed to Transportation. 

    The assigned route number listed will be posted in the bus window next to the service door. Please refer to the route number as the bus number may change, or on some routes be different in the morning versus the afternoon route. Have your child at the bus stop five minutes prior to the pick-up time.  

    If your child attends Brokaw, an out of district placement or is in a special program, you will receive a phone call from your bus driver with route information no later than August 8th.



Junior High-AM

High School-AM


Junior High-PM

High School-PM