• The Southbury Shark Tales Publishing Company has been established to encourage all children to find success through the creative writing process. Our goal is to reinforce writing as a positive experience. We hope you’re as enthusiastic about it as we are, for you and your child will take great pride in seeing his/her idea go from a thought to a finished book! 
    For information on getting your child’s story published, please click on the “What to do” page. You’ll also need to print the “Story Submission Checklist” to send in with your young author. 
    If you have any additional questions or need these pages printed out for you, please contact Susan Lipnick at PSMRL@comcast.net orsharktalespublishingcompany@gmail.com.
    **Every step of this process needs volunteers to help and to ensure the success of our children becoming confident writers. Because of the program’s structure, we can accommodate many time restrictions from volunteers. Help is needed to interview the children for editing, type manuscripts at home, and bind books. Please consider offering your time and talents to this fantastic program. Email Susan Lipnick at PSMRL@comcast.net to volunteer.