• Dear Boulder Hill Families:

    Before we get into the “good stuff”, I would like to take a moment to introduce myself to those of you who I have not gotten to work with yet. My name is Kim Hartnett and I am so excited to be working as the assistant principal here at Boulder Hill this year. I have been a member of the staff since 2005, so it is my pleasure to get to serve the community in a new role.

    Halloween is fast approaching and you can help us keep it fun and safe for all students. Students may bring their costumes to school and change into them before our parade. Rules for costumes are as follows:

    • Costumes must not be harmful, or unsafe.
    • Costume themes must be appropriate for school.
    • Costumes should not include weapons of any kind, i.e. toy guns, swords, etc.
    • Costumes must not endorse products inappropriate for children, i.e. cigarettes, alcohol, etc.
    • Students should not come to school with face paint.

    Our Halloween parade begins at 2pm. Families will be allowed to watch the parade at the designated areas. A map with those areas outlined and a reminder of the costume rules will be sent closer to the holiday. Thank you for your help with this!

    Throughout the year, students will participate in a number of safety drills, including fire drills, severe weather and shelter in place drills, and lockdown drills. Several of these are supported by the fire department and police department to ensure they are properly done. Safety is a top priority here at Boulder Hill!

    Thank you for entrusting us with your wonderful children. I look forward to continuing to build our partnership this year!

    Sincerely, Mrs. Kim Hartnett

    Boulder Hill

    Assistant Principal