December 2017
    Dear Fox Chase Families,
    Thank you for the warm welcome you gave me during the second quarter of this year. I have enjoyed getting to know my new school and the community that has been built here. Here are some things that I have come to appreciate about Fox Chase:
    P (Practice Kindness) A (Aim High) W (Work Hard) S (Show Respect). All students know this mission statement and they use it often. I am looking forward to January when we have our kick off for Showing Respect. This will be our theme for all of 2018.
    Watch DOGS, Dads of Great Students is a new program to me. It is amazing to see all the Dads coming to school and giving an entire day to participate in their child’s learning. I am also enjoying the activities that the Father’s Forum sponsors. I survived 2nd grade gym night with only getting hit by one flying ball!
    The Service Learning Club seems more like a Service Leading group. I appreciate their dedication to doing kind things for other people and being leaders in our school. I am looking forward to seeing what else this group does throughout the year.
    Advancement Via Individual Determination, better known as AVID, is in its third year at Fox Chase. I was just introduced to AVID this summer and I love seeing the implementation. Students are learning to be organized and are making good study skills a habit. I am proud to join this journey from classroom to college and career.
    Fox Chase received a gift of $500 from ExxonMobil through Bucky’s Express Gas Station in Oswego. We are grateful for their generosity and will use it to further STEM learning in our school. You can see a picture of the presentation on our Facebook page.
    Wishing you all a Happy New Year 2018!
    Janet DeMont