Principal's Message

  • Greetings Long Beach Community!

    We are so excited for the 2022-2023 school year!  We have so many ways in which we are looking to support our students, our staff and our community.  We have developed leadership teams that focus on student support, community involvement, academic excellence and social emotional support.  Our theme this year is One School, One Team, One Path.  We invite all of you to be active in your child’s educational experience.

    At Long Beach, we have students from Early Childhood through 5th grade, along with numerous staff to help support our students academically, behaviorally and social-emotionally.  Please feel that any of our staff members are available to you for whatever you may need.  

    I look forward to continuing to enhance the relationships with the community that we have built over the past 9 years, and to building and developing relationships with our new students and families. All are welcome here at Long Beach, and together, we will create the best school, the best team and the best path for all of our students to be successful!

    Grade Level Teachers Are:
    5th Grade – Mrs. Brandwein, Mrs. Daleiden, Mrs. Ewalt
    4th Grade – Mr. Cavello, Mrs. Tomter, Mrs. Carroll
    3rd Grade – Mrs. Pulsa, Mrs. Basic
    2nd Grade – Mrs. Schmidt, Mrs. Brummel, Mrs. Adams
    1st Grade –  Mrs. Day, Mrs. Rogers/Mrs. Wilson, Mrs. Harrison
    Kindergarten - Mrs. Mederich, Mrs. Stukel, Mrs. Johnson
    Early Childhood - Mrs. Howell, Mrs. Garcia, Mrs. Sherer, Mrs. Ramos, Miss Dudzinski: Speech, Mrs. Earley: Parent Education
    Specials Team -
    Mr. Carstensen: PE
    Mrs. Jurgensen: Music
    Mrs. Kearns: Art
    Mrs. Albrect: LMS
    Student Support Team -
    Miss Hermann, Mrs. Olson: Speech
    Ms. Parpart, Dr. Lockhart: Reading
    Mrs. Anderson: Literacy
    Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Aguilar: Social Work
    Mrs. Sandoval: Psychologist
    Mrs. Davol: Gifted Education
    Mrs. French: EL Support
    Mrs. Lesko: Math Interventonist
    Communication is on the increase! Please consider downloading the SD308 app from the app store on your smartphone. You will be able to have all the latest information at your fingertips. I will be utilizing this system very soon, and when I do, I will send out an accompanying voice message letting you know, as the initial e-mail may go directly into junk/spam folders. There are many exciting links within this app. When searching, be sure to include a space between SD and 308.
         I look forward to putting together the final touches, as together we prepare to make 2021-20222 the greatest school year yet! I look forward to your partnerships, participation and willingness to do all you can for your students, because at Long Beach –
    Long Beach Administrative Team
    Phil Murray, Principal
    Taylor McGinnis, Assistant Principal
    Dr. Sarah Tuner, Special Education Coordinator