When are regular meetings of the Board of Education scheduled? Meetings of the Board of Education are typically scheduled on Mondays during the second and fourth weeks of each month. However, the schedule is sometimes altered to avoid conflicts with legal holidays or school vacations. Please refer to our Board Meeting Calendar for dates and locations. The agendas will be posted on the district's website at least 48 hours before a meeting. 

    Oswego East High School
    1525 Harvey Road
    Oswego, IL 60543

    How are the Board of Education meetings conducted?

    Each meeting follows an agenda, which establishes a sequence of events for the meetings. The meeting is conducted by the board president based on a combination of Robert’s Rules of Order and common sense and courtesy. Meetings can be several hours depending on the contents of the agenda.

    What is listed on the agenda?

    A typical agenda may include the following:

    1.   Call to order        
    2.   Recognitions                 
    3.   President’s comments   
    4.   Public comment   
    5.   Notifications and announcements 
    6.   Approval of consent agenda   
    7.   Financial Statements    
    8.   Information and discussion   
    9.   Action     
    10. Closed session    
    11. Adjournment

    Agendas and supporting materials are available online through BoardDocs, which can be accessed through the district’s website at sd308.org.

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Last Modified on December 22, 2021