Graduation Requirements

  • The District 308 Board of Education has established the following graduation requirements, which comply with and exceed the Illinois State Board of Education Graduation Requirements. College entrance requirements differ greatly and often exceed high school graduation requirements. The table below indicates the District 308 minimum graduation requirements.

    Counselors will meet with students every year and complete a credit check for them.  The form used can be found here.  

  •   District 308 Graduation Requirements District 308 Recommended College Admissions Course Work
    Department Credits Required Credits Required
    English 4 4
    Math* 3 4
    Science 2.5 4 (Lab Science)
    Social Studies** 2.5 4
    Physical Education 3.5 3.5
    Driver Education .5 .5
    Health .5 .5
    Consumer Education .5  .5
    Fine Arts - 2
    World Languages - 4
    Core Electives 1.5 -
    Selective Electives 2 -
    Open Electives 1.5 -
    Required Credits 22
  • * The SAT is a graduation requirement starting with the class of 2018. 
    * The completion of this requirement must include Algebra 1 Geometry.

    ** For the 16-17 school year the required State and Federal Constitution exams will be administered in Political Science and AP US Government.

    Core Electives:
    Courses offered in the English, Math, Science and Social Studies departments fulfill core elective requirements.
    Selective Electives:
    All courses in CTE, Fine Arts and World Languages fulfill selective elective requirements for these electives.
    Open Electives:
    All courses beyond graduation requirements fulfill open elective requirements. 

    Students: Check with your counselor and the college of your choice to be sure that you meet your specific college entrance criteria.