College Credit Courses

  • It is the desire of District 308 to offer a variety of college level coursework in each of our departments. You will see these labeled accordingly in the Course Catalog. There are three types of offerings that can garner college credit: Advanced Placement (AP), Dual Credit, and Articulated Credit. The graphic below describes the similarities and differences.
      Advanced Placement Dual Credit Articulated Credit
    Types of Courses Offered Courses from all departments – noted as AP courses
    Variety of courses from different departments
    Primarily Career and Technical Education
    Course Details College Board curriculum taught by 308 staff
    Waubonsee Community College curriculum taught by WCC approved 308 staff
    District 308 course aligned to community college course and taught by 308 staff
    Credit Earned Through Advanced Placement test in the Spring, credit determined by collegein which student chooses to enroll in
    Dually enrolled at 308 high school and WCC. Grade applied to both HS and college transcript. Student begins college transcripts.
    Articulation based on a grade of “B” or above in the high school course
    Usage of Credit Transferrable based on the college requirements related to the AP assessment results
    Transferable to all Illinois colleges and universities, others subject to receiving college review
    Credit applied at the college granting credit (WCC), typically used as part of a degree program at the community college

    Advanced Placement
    Advanced Placement (AP) courses are aligned with the requirements of the College Board AP Program and are evaluated annually through the College Board AP Audit. These courses serve as the primary vehicle to prepare students for the AP examination in May. (The cost of each AP exam is determined by the College Board and is the responsibility of the student. Financial assistance is available to those who qualify.)

    In addition to preparing students for the AP exam, AP courses allow students to experience the pace and intensity of a college-level course while still in high school. The AP courses are challenging and rigorous, require more work and more time than other high school courses, but described by former AP students as a most valuable experience of their high school education. Although each college determines what AP examination grades it will accept for credit and/or advanced placement, the great majority of colleges accept grades of 3 or better and award the student credit in the subject matter tested. In some cases, no credit is given, but the student begins the program of study at an advanced level.
    Further information on Advanced Placement is also available through the College Board website,
    Current AP Course Offerings
    English Math and Computer Science
    AP English Language and Composition
    AP Calculus AB
    AP English Literature and Composition
    AP Calculus BC
    History & Social Science
    AP Computer Science A
    AP Comparative Government and Politics
    AP Statistics
    AP European History
    AP Human Geography
    AP Biology
    AP Macroeconomics
    AP Chemistry
    AP Microeconomics
    AP Environmental Science
    AP Psychology
    AP Physics 1/ AP Physics 2
    AP United States Government and Politics
    AP Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism
    AP United States History
    AP Physics C: Mechanics
    AP World History
    World Languages & Cultures
    AP Art History
    AP Chinese Language and Culture
    AP Music Theory
    AP French Language and Culture
    AP Studio Art: 2-D Design
    AP German Language and Culture
    AP Studio Art: 3-D Design
    AP Spanish Language and Culture
    AP Studio Art: Drawing
    AP Spanish Literature and Culture

    Dual Credit
    Students may earn high school and college credit concurrently while enrolled in Dual Credit classes. Currently Dual Credit is offered exclusively through Waubonsee Community College. Classes are taken at District 308 high schools and are taught by District 308 teachers. Students must be at least 16 years of age or older to earn college credit. Successful completion of the course as determined by the grade awarded earns Waubonsee Community College Credit that is transferable to all Illinois colleges and universities. Students and parents should know that grades earned in Dual Credit courses are indicated on both the high school and college transcripts. Tuition costs associated with Dual Credit courses offered through District 308 are paid for by the district.  The additional $8.00 student fee per credit hour will be paid for by the student.

    Waubonsee Community College Course Offered as a Dual Credit Course

    SD 308 Course Linked to the Waubonsee Community College Course for Dual Credit

    AUT 100 Intro to Manufacturing Automation Systems

    Automotive Service Operations

    BIO 100 Introduction to Biology

    Advanced Placement Biology

    BIO 101 Introduction to Biology Laboratory

    Advanced Placement Biology

    BIO 102 Human Biology

    Honors Anatomy and Physiology

    BIO 103 Human Biology Laboratory

    Honors Anatomy and Physiology

    CHM 121 General Chemistry

    AP Chemistry

    COM 100 Fundamentals of Speech Communication

    College Communication

    CRJ 100 Introduction to Criminal Justice

    Criminal Justice

    CRJ 102 Criminal Justice Career Exploration

    Criminal Justice

    EMT 120 Emergency Medical Technician - Basic

    WCC EMT Course

    ENG 101 First-Year Composition I

    English 4: Humanities and Composition

    ENG 102 First-Year Composition II

    English 4: Humanities and Composition

    HIS 121 American History to 1865

    Advanced Placement US History

    HIS 122 American History Since 1865

    Advanced Placement US History

    MTH 107 Basic Statistics

    College Preparatory Statistics

    MTH 131 Calculus with Analytical Geometry I

    Advanced Placement Calculus A/B

    MTH 132 Calculus with Analytical Geometry II

    Advanced Placement Calculus B/C

    PED 136 Physical Fitness I

    Advanced Personal Fitness Excel

    PED 140 Physical Fitness II

    Advanced Personal Fitness Excel

    PSY 100 Introduction to Psychology

    Advanced Placement Psychology

    SPN 202 Intermediate Spanish II

    Spanish 4

    SPN 215 Introduction to Hispanic Literature

    Advanced Placement Spanish Literature

    Articulated Credit

    School District 308 works in partnership with the Valley Education for Employment System (VALEES) and local community colleges (Waubonsee Community College and the College of DuPage) to provide articulated credit.  Students who earn high school credit can earn college credit based upon the articulation agreement through VALEES.  Students must apply for articulated credit and must meet achievement qualifications, i.e. a grade of “B” or better for each semester.  College credit applied upon enrollment in college granting articulated credit.  Transferability of the credit is dependent upon the college or university to which the student applies.  Students who have been high school Career and Technical Education students who have met articulated course requirements and enroll at WCC and JJC are eligible to receive Articulated Credit.


    Waubonsee Community College Course Offered as an Articulated Credit Course

    SD 308 Course Linked to the Waubonsee Community College Course for Articulated Credit

    ACC 115 Fundamentals of Accounting

    Accounting 2

    AOS 114 Comprehensive Word Processing

    Advanced Business Technology

    AUT 100 Fundamentals of Auto Technology

    Automotive Service Operations

    CAD 100  Technical Drawing

    Introduction to Technical and Computer Aided Drafting and Design

    CAD 102 AutoCAD I

    Advanced Computer Aided Drafting and Design

    CIS 105 Introduction to Windows

    Technology Applications

    CMT 298 Construction Industry Internship

    Building Trades 2

    ECE 101 Intro to Early Childhood Education

    Early Childhood 2

    ECE 102 Career Explorations Early Childhood

    Early Childhood 1

    GRD 135 Desktop Publishing

    Graphic Communications 3

    Advanced Graphic Communications

    GRD 160 Computer Illustration

    Advanced Graphic Communications

    GRD 170  Digital Image

    Advanced Graphic Communications

    HIT 105 Medical Terms for Health Occupations

    Medical Topics

    Medical Terms for Health Occupations

    MTT 101 Introduction to Machine Tool

    Metal Working and Manufacturing 1

    MTT 102 Manual Machine Shop Operations

    Metal Working and Manufacturing 2

    MTT 110 Print Reading for Manufacturing

    Advanced Metal Working and Manufacturing

    WLD 100 Survey of Welding

    Metal Working and Manufacturing 1

    WLD 115 Oxy-Fuel Welding and Cutting

    Metal Working and Manufacturing 2

    WLD 120 Shielded Metal Arc Welding

    Advanced Metal Working and Manufacturing



    Joliet Junior College Course Offered as an Articulated Credit Course

    SD 308 Course Linked to the Joliet Junior College Course for Articulated Credit

    HORT 100 Introduction to Horticulture

    Introductory Horticulture

    HOSP 120 Exploring the Hospitality Industry

    Restaurant Management 2