Curricular-Related Policies and Procedures

  • Curricular-Related Policies & Procedures

    The decision to take a course is an important one. Students should seriously consider their educational and career goals and develop a program of study to work toward those goals. Parents should be actively involved in students' decisions concerning course selection. It is imperative that all students and parents give careful consideration to course requests.  Student course requests determine what courses and how many sections of each will be offered the following year.

    Placement in Leveled Courses

    Initial recommendations in leveled core academic courses are determined by a combination of factors.  These include standardized assessment results and past academic achievement.  Parents and students are encouraged to review these initial recommendations and direct questions to the recommending teacher and department chair. 


    It is important for the student and his/her parents to review the course description and develop an understanding of the expectations and requirements of the course. 

    Courses dropped to add another course

    Courses may be dropped and a replacement course added prior to the first day of each semester provided an alternate class has available space.  Course changes after the first day of each semester may negatively impact class sizes and the learning environment and are consequently up to the discretion of the building principal or designee.

    Withdrawal from a course

    Students are encouraged to complete the courses they start; however, in the event a student wishes to withdraw from a course, the guidelines for withdrawing are listed below.


    Days 1 – 15 (3 weeks): 

    Drop requests will not be considered until the completion of 17th day of school. This allows adequate time for the student to access assistance, for the teacher to assess the student’s capabilities, and for the student to understand the requirements of his/her entire schedule. Student will attend a study hall during that period.


    Day 16 – Day 25:

    After the first 3 weeks, students may withdraw from a course and replace it with a study hall. The student must complete the Course Withdrawal Request Form, which includes communication with and approval of parent, teacher, department chair, and counselor. Students are responsible for ensuring all required signatures are obtained on the Course Withdrawal Request Form.  A student may drop a class through Day 25 without a grade notation appearing on the student’s transcript. Student will attend a study hall during that period.

    Day 25 through end of semester: 

    A student may withdraw from a course using the Class Withdrawal Request Form, which includes communication with and approval of parent, teacher, department chair, and counselor. Students are responsible for ensuring all required signatures are obtained on the Class Withdrawal Form. The transcript will reflect a grade of WF (withdrawn failure), which will be calculated into the student's grade point average. Student will attend a study hall during that period.

    Placement/Level Changes

    If a level change is deemed necessary, a student will make that level change at the start of the following semester.  A Course Withdrawal Request Form must be completed indicating the reason for the level change, as well as interventions attempted.  Students are responsible for obtaining the required signatures on the form.  A level change may result in alterations to the student’s schedule.

    Drop of full credit class at conclusion of Semester 1

    Understanding that required classes must be repeated in order for a student to graduate, it is most beneficial for a student to complete the required class in its entirety.


    Administrative discretion, medical diagnosis, or placement change may constitute exception to the drop procedure.

    Transfer Courses

    Prior approval from the Student Services Department is required for any course taken outside OEHS and OHS for high school graduation credit.  Specific accreditation documentation is required prior to approval. A student can transfer 2.0 credits from correspondence courses and 2.0 credits from college or university courses. Transferring credits beyond 2.0 must be approved by the Director of Student Services.

    Class Rank and Grade Point Average

    OHS and OEHS offer many Honors and Advanced Placement courses. A weighted factor is considered in calculating the grade point average for these courses. Grade Points for all Honors and Advanced Placement courses will be increased by a factor of 1.0.  Class rank, beginning with the Class of 2016, will be calculated using cumulative quality points.  Quality points are earned when credit is awarded and are based on the values noted below.  All class rank calculations will continue to include weighting of identified courses.  Grade point averages will continue to be calculated for other purposes such as college applications, scholarships, etc. 




    Grade Points

    Honors and Advanced Placement Weighted Grade Point
















    Pass/Fail Credit

    • Only students with Junior or Senior status may choose to employ the Pass/Fail option.
    • No course taken to fulfill a School District 308 graduation requirement may be taken Pass/Fail with the exception of Physical Education. 
    • A maximum of one credit per year can be earned through the Pass/Fail option.
    • An 80% or better constitutes a Pass. Students earning 79% or less will receive the grade earned (C, D, F).
    • Classes taken Pass/Fail DO NOT earn quality points.
    • The Building Principal or his/her designee will determine eligibility of the Pass option.

    Repeating Courses

    When a student fails a required class, she or he must repeat the class. All “F” grades remain on a student's transcript and in the student’s grade point calculations. In addition, a student may request to repeat an elective course in any area where the skill level needs to be increased before moving on to the next course in a sequence, but, double credit may not be earned.  The grade earned the first time the course was completed will remain on the transcript, but will be removed from the grade point average. The decision to voluntarily repeat a course should not be taken lightly and should be made in conjunction with the student’s counselor.  Under individual circumstances, students can enroll in the district program for credit recovery, upon failing multiple required courses. Enrollment availability is limited and determined by the student’s counselor.

    Auditing a Course

    A student may audit a course providing space is available at the time of registration and with the consent of the instructor. Students who audit classes are required to complete an audit form. In addition, they must meet the same expectations as other students in the class. No grade or credit is awarded.