Mrs. Amanda Inglese

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Mrs. Amanda Inglese

Welcome to eighth grade U.S. history.

This is my tenth year of teaching history at Thompson Junior High School. I attended Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, where I received my bachelor’s degree in history and secondary education. After graduating I worked in banking for several years before moving into education at Thompson. I have taught seventh grade honors world history, eighth grade U.S. history and eighth grade honors U.S. history. In 2011 I received the Those Who Excel Award of Recognition from the Illinois State Board of Education for my work as an early career educator.

I have always had a passion for history. As a child I always wanted to know more about the places I visited, the people who experienced historical events, why events happened, and the effects of these events. My favorite part of teaching is when children wonder and ask these same questions. My students also challenge and inspire me to learn even more. Every day and every class period is different, and I enjoy working with all of the wonderful students at Thompson.