Learning Resource Center


    Students come to the LRC with their class for 45 minutes each week.  Books are returned and checked out during these times. If your child's book is damaged or lost we will ask that you reimburse Long Beach for the cost of the book.  Students may not be able to check out if they have overdue books or a pending fine.  
    The Long Beach LRC hosts two book fairs each year.  These are fundraisers for the LRC, with the money raised we are able to continue purchasing new books and materials to connect with classroom work and make available popular reading titles for all grade levels.
    If you would like to volunteer at the LRC, either during the school day or during a book fair please contact me at ethompson@sd308.org.  Students are so excited to see parents or neighbors helping our at school! 


    LRC Hours
    Monday - Friday
    8:45 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.