• For a detailed description of the Merit System, please refer to page 90 and 91 of the Daily Planner.

    What is the merit/demerit system?
    The system is an objective way to monitor and track student behavior in an effort to intervene early and provide support and resources to help students make positive choices.

    How does my student earn a merit or demerit?
    When a student receives a discipline referral to the dean’s office, a number of demerits is associated with the resulting administrative interventions, or consequences, received. Administrative interventions with their demerit numbers are listed below:
        Conference with student: 1 demerit
        Administrative detention: 2 demerits
        Extended day/Saturday detention: 3 demerits
        In-school intervention: 6 demerits
        Out-of-school suspension: 8 demerits for each day of suspension

    Students who have accumulated 60 demerits will have the opportunity to earn merits after an extended period of time without any disciplinary infractions. This will be specified in a written behavior contract.

    What type of interventions and/or resources will be brought in to help support my student?
    Once a student has received a certain number of demerits, a “level” meeting will be called. These levels are at 30, 60, 80, and 100 demerits. Each meeting will include the parents, student, dean, and counselor. At these meetings, individualized interventions will be discussed and implemented.

    Will my student earn a demerit for going to the dean’s office to report a problem?
    Absolutely not! Demerits are only linked to consequences. We practice an open-door policy in the dean’s office and encourage students to come in to discuss any problem with us. We want to be proactive and supportive to assist your students.

    Do Demerits “reset” each year or do they follow my student from year to year?
    Demerit counts will return to “0” at the beginning of each school year unless a student has  been placed on final warning.

    If my student was on final warning last year, will they start the new school year with demerits?
    Final warnings have not disappeared. Students who are placed on final warning will start each subsequent year with 50 demerits.

    Can my student earn enough merits to reduce their demerit total to zero?
    No. Students can only reduce their demerit total to 40 through earning merits.