• The technology department of School District 308 exists to support the learning process of the district as led by the strategic plan. Each team member uses his or her skills and capabilities to enable the education of our students and assist the teachers, administrators and support staff. We take the investment of the communities’ funds very seriously and seek to invest those funds to optimize the technology capabilities available to the district.

    Our department consists of three areas: applications, networks and systems. These areas work to support the daily activities of the district and to plan for future projects and educational requirements.

    The district Technology Department services over 10,000 computing devices and 2,000 telephones, utilizing 235 virtual and 60 physical servers in three data centers interconnected by a robust multi-gigabit wide area network. This provides scalability and redundancy to the environment.

    Each school is visited regularly by technicians and management staff to assure devices are operating and facilitating the teaching and administrative work of the district. Processes and procedures, in line with best practices, are implemented and regularly reviewed to assure they continually meet the needs of the district.

    Instructional technology information can be found at the following location: https://www.sd308.org/Page/8064