Activities at Fox Chase

  • Note for Fall of 2020.  Activities for students may be suspended for a time due to Covid-19 restrictions.  As this changes during the year we will update the website and send out information in the weekly e-backpack.  We appreciate your support!


    Fox Chase Elementary is proud to offer many extra-curricular activities for students.  Below you will find a general description of each activity, staff sponsors for the activity and a registration sheet if available (please note each activity will have a sign-up deadline on the sheet). 


    After School Sports

    Intramural after school sports are offered to fourth and fifth grade students who would like to get involved in team sports, develop their skills, learn basic offensive and defensive strategy, in a competitive, but fun environment.    Sign-up sheets are available for interested students each trimester, either through the PE department or the sponsoring teacher.  Cost per sport is $30 to participate.


    Avid Club

    Avid Club is a group that is open to fourth and fifth grade students upon a teacher recommendation.  The group meets twice a month during the school year to promote confidence and organizational skills in the students that join.  Students may do activites here at Fox Chase and may also take some field trips during meeting times.


     Honor Choir  

    Fourth and fifth grade students have the option to join Honor Choir. Honor Choir meets one morning per week for 45 minutes. This music club is mandated by the School District. That means every Elementary School in Oswego District 308 is required to offer this club for at least one semester.  Participants learn the mechanics of good singing technique, music reading skills, part-singing in harmony, and how to perform and blend with a musical ensemble. All District Honor Choirs participate each May, in a Combined Choir Music Festival. This event is always an exciting and memorable one!  Also, choir members have the chance to keep a T-Shirt and a CD recording from the event.  Honor choir starts after winter break.  Sign-up sheets are available for interested students.


    Safety Patrol 

    The Fox Chase safety patrol consists of fifth grade students who volunteer to help get students to and from school safely.  Safety patrol students get to school early to help students walk across streets and get off of their buses safely, and they stay after school to help get students back on buses.  Sign-up sheets are available to interested students each quarter.  Students will receive safety vests to use for the quarter and should be returned to the office at the end of their quarter.  Students will not be required to do safety patrol duty outdoors when the weather is inclement or temperatures are below 10F with the wind chill.

     Yearbook Club 

    Yearbook club is offered to students in 5th grade who are interested in photography, writing and page design.   Sign-up forms will be available to interested students and may require a sample page/writing sample for consideration.  Yearbook Club meets on Tuesdays monthly from October until early spring when the yearbook is completed.  Students may also be involved in taking photos of school events during the school day. 


    Lego Robotics Club 

    The Lego Robotics club is comprised of up to 30 interested students in 4-5 grade.  Students will meet once a week and work with kits designed for grade school robotics exploration.


    Young Rembrandts® Art Classes

    Drawing is the fundamental skill of the visual arts that can - and should - be learned by all children.  Young Rembrandts® teaches drawing skills while developing visual learning skills.  Their unique and proven method was developed by an artist and educator. For over 20 years they have delivered a top quality classroom experience that is fun, engaging, educational and affordable.  Young Rembrandts meet on Tuesdays.  There are five sessions of Young Rembrandts during the school year each lasting 4-5 weeks.  Sign-up sheets go home with students in Thursday folders.  All grade levels may participate in the Young Rembrandts program.