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Ms. Deborah Robinson

Hello and welcome to my webpage. I have been teaching at Oswego High School since 2014, following a 15-year career in corporate business.

The courses I teach are: AP Microeconomics, Marketing, Entertainment & Sports Marketing, and Consumer Education.

AP Microeconomics

The main goal of my AP Microeconomics class is to help students learn and think like economists when approaching problems.  Students will be expected to approach the course in terms of learning to think about the world in an economics perspective and learning to express that thinking in economic terms. Much of this course is centered on communicating economic principles and having students apply those principles to their world.  The structure of the course is intended to prepare students to become successful on the AP exam.

Marketing I

Marketing I is the foundation course for all pathways in Marketing education and addresses the ways in which marketing satisfies consumer and business needs and wants for products and services. Students develop an understanding of the functions of marketing and how these functional areas affect all businesses. They learn basic marketing concepts and the role of marketing in our economy. Students also develop employability skills through integrated activities and projects throughout the course.

Entertainment & Sports Marketing

Entertainment & Sports Marketing is the second-level course in the marketing education pathway. The prerequisite for this course is Marketing I. This course introduces students to the major segments of the sports and entertainment industries and the social and economic impact it has on local, national, and global economies. The products and services offered to consumers and the impact of marketing on these products and services are examined.