• Grant Coordinator:  Andrea Wiaduch


    A grant is a monetary award given by a funder (State & Federal).  A grant writer does the legwork and completes the grant paperwork, either in the form of an application or a proposal, which is a written request asking for money from entities such as government agency, a foundation, or a corporation.


    There are several sources to look to for these type of funds, such as Federal and State governments, private and corporate foundations, local organizations, and private businesses.


    A grant request may be submitted in the form of an application or a proposal.  An application is supplied by the funder with specifid guidelines for completion.  However, a proposal is more of a free-flowing grant request.  Some organizations require an invitation to apply for certain grants.


    School District 308 Teaching and Learning directors work with our K-12 Grant Coordinator to determine the needs of our district.  What programs are strong?  What new programs need funding?  Who can be our new funding partners?  How do we best utilize the grant funds we currently receive?


Last Modified on November 19, 2014