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    Home Access is designed to offer parents the ability to find helpful information to support and guide their children through the educational process. From home, work, or any PC with Internet access, through a secure and password-protected website, parents can get an inside look at a daily summary of instruction, their student’s schedule, attendance, discipline records, assigned class work, test scores, progress reports, report cards, etc. The information is updated in real-time.


    To obtain a UserName and Password—or if you just have questions—
    Please contact the Home Access coordinator at your student's building: (see their numbers below)



    Phone Number


    Elementary Schools   Call the main school prefix and extension  _ _09  
    Boulder Hill   (630) 636-2909  
    Churchill   (630) 636-3809  
    Fox Chase   (630) 636-3009  
    Grande Park   (630) 551-9709  
    Homestead   (630) 636-3109  
    Hunt Club   (630) 636-2809  
    Lakewood Creek   (630) 636-3209  
    Long Beach   (630) 636-3309  
    Old Post   (630) 636-3409  
    Prarie Point   (630) 636-3609  
    Southbury   (630) 551-9809  
    The Wheatlands   (630) 636-3509  
    Wolf's Crossings   (630) 636-3709  
    Oswego High School   (630) 636-2008  
    Oswego East High School   (630) 636-2208  
    Bednarcik Junior High   (630) 636-2517  
    Murphy Junior High   (630) 608-5109  
    Plank Junior High   (630) 551-9408  
    Thompson Junior High   (630) 636-2608  
    Traughber Junior High   (630) 636-2709  
    East View Academy   (630) 608-5909  


    Some general guidelines for Home Access include:

    1. Keep your Username and Password confidential. Anyone who has this information can check your child’s records online from any computer connected to the Internet. We regard all data, either electronic or paper-based, as confidential information and will do our best to protect the privacy of your students. We need your help with this as well.
    2. If a parent or guardian believes that his or her password has been compromised, the parent or guardian is responsible for changing the password. We encourage you to periodically change your password by logging onto Home Access and clicking on the “My Profile” link in the upper-right corner.
    3. Privacy and security is important to everyone. School District 308 is committed to respecting and protecting your privacy as a user of the Home Access center. We will only collect, store, and use the parent/guardian and/or the student data that is accessed through the Home Access center for defined district purposes.
    4. Please note that assignments will be graded and recorded in a reasonable amount of time. Major projects and papers require a longer timeline for grading. Questions about your child’s grades should be directed to individual teachers.
    5. Final grades are determined by teachers using both objective and subjective criteria. Grades shown in the Home Access center may not reflect your child’s final grade until all scores are verified and posted by the school office.
    6. Using the Home Access center information is not a replacement for checking your student’s planner and/or talking with your child about assignments and grades. If you feel your child may be having difficulty in school, please contact the teacher or counselor.


    Please click here to login to Home Access.