• Frequently Asked Questions
    Q.  Who do I contact with my transportation questions and concerns?
          A.  Kathy 630-636-2990
    Q.  Where is my student's bus stop?
          A.  Door to door transportation is provided for students attending The G.O.A.L. Program.  In most cases, the bus will stop directly
    infront of the student's house.  However, in some cases the bus will pick the student up at an identified location.  In either situation the bus driver will contact the parent to inform them of the pick up location and time.
       Q.  What should I do if my child is not going to be absent from school?
             A.  If your student is going to be absent, please call Kathy and cancel the bus for the day.
       Q.  Is there an alternate number for transportation?
             A.  If you cannot reach Kathy, please call Transportation's general line at 630-636-2999