• Having Trouble Signing In?

    If you are trying to log into the Employee Intranet, you need to use your network username and the same password you use to log into a district computer. (ie. jsmith) Do not use your email address.

    If you are trying to log into your email at mail.sd308.org, then you log in with your email address of jsmith@sd308.org and your email password. Please be aware that the Intranet and email are two separate systems and the passwords may not be the same.
    If you have entered you username and password correctly but are directed to the "Sorry, the page is inactive or protected." page, then you must contact the webmaster at webmaster@sd308.org for assistance. 
    Protected Page
    Your network password may have expired. If you are trying, unsuccessfully, to access the Employee Intranet using your network user name (not email address) and the password you use to log into a district computer, you will need to reset your network password. You can not set your network password through the Intranet login page, you will need to do this remotely from MyDesktop.sd308.org. For more information and directions to using MyDesktop, click here.

    If you cannot remember your network password, please submit a SchoolDude ticket or contact the Help Desk at 630-636-4357 and it can be reset for you.