• Dear Boulder Hill Families:

    Summer has arrived and with it are excellent opportunities for parents and children to spend quality time together. During this great time of year, try to get the most out of your interactions with your children. Seize the opportunity to reinforce learning while strengthening your relationship. Below are a few suggestions to reinforce your child’s learning while building a stronger relationship with your child during the summer months:

    • When possible, include your student in the family decision making process discussing choices
    • Model reading for pleasure
    • Read a novel together with your child
    • Limit your child’s individual time spent with technology (video games) Provide your kids with real life opportunities to problem solve
    • Do an art project
    • Play an instrument
    • Build something paying special attention to mathematics
    • Have a “word of the day”
    • Cook together
    • Tell stories
    • Play catch, shoot hoops, kick a soccer ball around or ride bikes
    • Make your children aware of the math problems all around
    • Persuade your child to get out and play
    • Visit a museum or zoo
    • Spend unstructured time with your child to get to know him/her better

    Don’t miss out on the wonderful gift of time that the summer season provides you and your child.

    Lastly, thank you to everyone involved in the Boulder Hill learning community for a successful school year.

    Have a great summer!