• Boulder Hill Elementary School maintains several community partnerships to create dynamic learning opportunities for our students and staff. Listed below are many of our partners and some of the activities they participate in.

    Culvers has been a corporate sponsor of several of our reading contests. As a local business, Culvers has gone above and beyond the call of duty to support our PTA and our students. The Culver's website can be found at http://www.culvers.com/ 

    Jimmy John's Subs
    Jimmy Johns is a local business that has sought out ways to give back to our school community. Jimmy John's has supported our reading contests and is becoming involved in supporting our PTA. The Jimmy John's website can be found at www.jimmyjohns.com 

    Kendall County Forest Preserve
    Kendall County Forest Preserve District preserves and manages natural areas and open spaces, provides environmental education, and offers recreational opportunities for Kendall County residents.  http://www.co.kendall.il.us/forestpreserves/index.htm

    Kendall County Soil and Water Conservation District
    The soil and water conservation district provides many ecological awareness opportunities for our students. We have had many poster contests, tree plantings, and the annual Annie Oakleaf programming for our students.  

    Little White School Museum
    The Little White School Museum contains a treasure trove of Boulder Hill and Oswego history. As we commence this school year, we look forward to developing heritage experiences for our students as the Boulder Hill community celebrates its 50th anniversary. The Little White School Museum website can be found at http://www.littlewhiteschoolmuseum.org/ 

    Mutual Ground
    Mutual Ground has been providing Boulder Hill School with programs on Violence and Assault Prevention Education for many years. Mutual Ground provides training to students in first, third, and fourth grades. The Mutual Ground Website can be found athttp://mutualgroundinc.com 

    Oswego Public Library
    The Oswego Public Library participates with our Reading Committee. Together we attempt to tie activities at the Library with our school reading contests, themes, and classroom activities. The Library website can be found at http://www.oswego.lib.il.us/ 

    University of Illinois Extension Kendall County
    The extension provides educational awareness services in the area of agriculture for our students. This group runs our Farm Friends and 4H school enrichment programs. They also provide educational materials for our classrooms. The extension website can be found at:www.urbanext.uiuc.edu/kendall/