The G.O.A.L. Program


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Tier 1 encompasses two classrooms at The G.O.A.L. Program.  Mr. Michael Kelley and Mr. James Smith are the homeroom teachers for each of these classrooms.  Students in Tier 1 attend school from 7:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.  Tier 1 students are allowed to drive to school, unless excessive tardiness/absenteeism becomes a concern.  All students in Tier 1 start their placement at The G.O.A.L. Program with 0 demerits, regardless of their demerit level at their home schools.  Tier 1 students are allowed to return to their home school for social and sporting events, as long as they have permission from Ms. Meredith Gerardot, Alternative Education Coordinator.  Students in Tier 1 may join sports teams and clubs at their home school, unless they have been placed on social suspension.  Tier 1 students are eligible for a partial transition back to their home school after 18 weeks of reaching their individualized academic/behavioral goals. 
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